Clarks | Prepare For Awesome


I was invited to BBH to collaborate their newly formed production arm, Black Sheep Studios, on a new and exciting project for Clarks's back to school campaign. The brief was simple, make a series of films that engage with kids, and get them pumped for school, aka mission impossible. Fortunately we had a top gun team across the board, that enabled us to make the films as awesome as possible, and we are massively stoked that Clarks allowed us to make these as mental as we wanted them to be! Enjoy! More Bread!!

Director: Thomas Ormonde
Producer: Adam Farley
Production Assistant: Sophie Dewey
Executive Producer: Dan Keefe

Animation Direction: Thomas Ormonde & Daniel Britt
Illustration: Nick Edwards
Animators: Frankie Swan, Olly Montagu, Blanca Martinez, Iria Lopez, Daniela Negrin, Doug Hindson, & Thea Glad.